We believe that the most important thing is not what’s popular but rather what works. 

Our team of PhDs, Registered Nutritionists and Herbalists have worked together to create the most effective supplement in the market, keeping our customers’ best interests in mind.

We make sure to find multiple quality studies with similar conclusions before making any final judgment about the safety or efficacy of a botanical ingredient. All ingredients that go in a supplement are decided based on clinical research and studies done by verified sources such as Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH):www.nccih.nih.govScience Direct:

We also check whether the study made by these verified sources meets the following criteria

Is the study relevant? We check whether the study is relevant and specifically address the problem we are trying to solve.

Is the study valid? We ensure that the study was conducted by credible research institutes. We look for studies that are randomized, double-blinded, and placebo-controlled when possible and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest with other studies.

Are the results statistically significant? We check whether the results are statistically significant by comparing them with baseline. For example, there could be a lot of studies showing that NAC helps with liver detox. But not all of them are statistically significant due to the number of participants being too small or the number of variables not being controlled.

We also look at various other botanical factors of the research including the following:

Plant identification (including scientific/Latin name): Different studies use herbs with the same common names but the actual species is different. Different species can have different therapeutic effects. 

For example,pinus geradinaand pinus pinaster have the common name pine bark but are different species of pine trees. The former has been shown to have lung cleansing effects while the latter has been shown to have liver-cleansing effects.Pinus geradinais one of the herbs used inLung Forte.

Plant part used: Different parts of a plant provide different benefits. We examine and use only the parts that contribute to the specific function. For example, the bark of the treepinus geradinacontains the active compound tannin which can be used for lung detox. But the leaves contain salicylic acid which is good for urinary tract infections. 

Type of solvent used for extraction and their ratio to the plant: The solvent used can have varying effects on the botanical. Even if two different studies used the same plant, we still need to check whether they used the same solvent and ratio of plant to extract. For example, while some studies used ethanol as a solvent for making Acerola Cherry Extract, others use glycerin which involves a heating process which reduces the effectiveness of heat sensitive ingredients such as vitamin C. We avoid glycerin to preserve the purity of the ingredient. Acerola cherry is one of the ingredients used inImmuno Forte


We look at the optimum dosage which is required for a certain herbal extract to have an effect on the human body and the research behind it. We useStandardized and Concentrated herbal extractsto ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. 

For example, elderberry has been shown in research to have beneficial effects on the immune system. The main active compound is anthocyanidins which reduces the duration of a cold and influenza. Many studies have used Elderberry Standardized to 20% anthocyanidins with a daily dosage of 300mg for boosting immunity. That is why we have used the effective dosage of 300mg in our productImmuno Forte.


The herbs we use are of high quality, and our researched dosage ensures that they do not cause any side effects. We also ensure these ingredients don’t interfere with each other’s medicinal properties.

We make our supplements without any harmful preservatives or magnesium stearate.

Our formula is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility with HACCP, ISO, and FSSAI certification. The results are verified by our internal quality management department. 

In addition to this, we conduct over 200 quality tests and verify every ingredient through certificate of origin and certificate of analysis to ensure the quality and potency of the supplement.

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