Healeo 12-Week Heart Health Program

Prevent Heart Attacks with DNA-based Diets!

Prevent heart attacks and permanently improve your heart health by adopting personalized diets, exercise routines, and lifestyle changes tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Book 1-on-1 call with our Heart Health experts


Book 1-on-1 call with our Heart Health experts


Success Stories

If they can - so can you!

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are real testimonials from happy clients who improved their heart health.

Improved in 3 months
Siddiq K
45 years old
89 kgs
72 kgs

Previously, I relied on numerous medications to manage my heart health issues. After genomics testing, I've shifted to a more balanced approach, predominantly focusing on diet and exercise, significantly reducing my medication intake while maintaining a healthy hear

Improved in 2 month
Ronak Nayak
37 years old
97 kgs
88 kgs

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and heart issues, and after two months of following Healeo's heart health program, my cardiovascular function has fully recovered, and I've been completely healed! They provided me with easy-to-follow diets based on my DNA reports. I never thought I'd be able to return to a normal life, but thanks to the Healeo team, I've achieved just that.

Improved in 3 month
Nita Shah
42 years old
81 kgs
70 kgs

I was struggling with high blood pressure, and despite trying various conventional treatments and powerful medications, nothing appeared to be effective. It was during this time that I discovered Healeo Nutrition and their genomics-based approach to address heart health issues. The Healeo team conducted a thorough analysis of my body's individual characteristics and customized their approach accordingly. They provided me with personalized diet and exercise plans, along with suitable supplementation. Thanks to their program, my blood pressure issues have subsided, and I have successfully achieved a significant improvement in my heart health.

Improved in 3 month
Jatin Kumar
43 years old
97 kgs
82 kgs

I am thrilled that my heart health issues improved significantly with Healeo Genomics. Despite enduring heart-related symptoms and health problems, traditional treatments failed to provide any relief. However, the genomics testing provided by Healeo proved to be a game-changer for me. Thanks to their personalized approach to heart health treatment, I was able to address my condition within just 3 months. All the heart-related symptoms have also disappeared.

How It Works

Want to know how our fatty liver program works? Watch this short video to see the full process.


Meet our Heart Health experts

15 Years Experience

Dt. Meena Sharma

Head Nutrigenomic Expert

MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics Certified Nutrigenomics Expert

Meena is specialized in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics. She is working in the field of Fatty Liver, Heart Health, Obesity and Weight Management for the past 7 years. With a keen interest on Human Genetics, she studies the DNA indepth to provide a result oriented action plan.

13 Years Experience

Dt. Sakshi Saxena

Sr. Nutrigenomics Expert

MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics Certified Nutrigenomics Expert

Sakshi holds a degree of post graduation in Food Science & Nutrition from a renowned university. She has started her career from Diet Clinic, Goa as a Nutritionist and given services to various renowned celebrities and politicians. She also worked for many reputed Healthcare Corporates and is also an expert in Nutrigenomics.

10 Years Experience

Dt. Urmila R.

Sr. Nutrigenomics Expert

MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics Certified Nutrigenomics Expert

Urmila Ramasubramanian, has achieved her degree in Masters in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Manipal University. With more than 6 years of experience in this field, her key areas are helping people get rid of their liver issues, lose weight, educate and create awareness on good health. She also has extensive experience in studying DNA reports and curating customized diets.

12 Years Experience

Dt. Kajal Salunkhe

Sr. Nutrigenomic Expert

MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics Certified Nutrigenomics Expert

Kajal has undergone numerous trainings and internships to understand the dynamics of emotions in a medical settings. She has also presented abstracts and papers at genetics oriented conferences and her fields of interests includes genetics, cancer biology and immunology.

Program details

What it includes:

✅ DNA Test with 80+ traits

✅ DNA-based Diet Plan

✅ DNA-based Fitness Plan

✅ Monthly Consultations with experts

✅ Unlimited Chat/Call Support

✅ App Access to Monitor Progress

✅ 100+ DNA-based Healthy Recipes

✅ Grocery Checklist

ALL IN ONE GUIDE which includes Restaurant guide, Travel guide, Portion guide

✅ No Cost EMI starting at ₹2500

How it works

Book the consultation

Our nutrigenomic expert will connect with you, investigates your detailed medical history and conduct an in-depth analysis of the underlying factors contributing to your heart health concerns. Using this information, she will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for our program and provide guidance accordingly.

Sample Collection

Our Partner lab will send a DIY DNA Kit to your doorstep, and will collect it when its ready. It is then sent to the Gene Lab. The entire sequencing of your DNA takes usually 2 weeks.

Discover Yourself

Once the Genetic Lab processes your sample, you will get access to your genomics dashboard PDF, and your program begins

DNA-based Lifestyle Plan

Our Genomics expert will create a 12-week customised diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan based on your DNA results.

Hand-Held Guidance To Give You Results

Our Genomics expert will provide personalised, hand-held guidance throughout the program and track your progress through our app.

Transform Your Heart Health Today

Enroll in our clinically proven program today and improve Your Heart Health Today within 12 weeks!

Online platform

Take action based on your DNA

Track your daily progress through our app, where our team will constantly push you and motivate you to achieve your goals. You also get access to nutrition plans, recipes, fitness programs and much more!

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