The other ingredients or “excipients” are basically used so that:

1.They are easier to consume and the active herbal ingredients we use are better absorbed by your body safely.

2.The quality of the supplements are ensured throughout the production and distribution process.


The use of excipients is integral to our manufacturing process, to ensure that the composition of each tablet remains the same, just as we wanted it to be. 

Otherwise there will be huge inconsistencies in the composition, and you might even end up receiving a product that does not contain the integral herbal extract, or damaged broken tablets. They alone do not give you any nutritional benefits, but are a necessity for processing the herbal ingredients.

We only use excipients that are crucial to our supplement, we do not use anything that will harm our customers even in the slightest manner.

Healeo provides the list of all excipients we use under “other Ingredients” in all our labels.

HEALEO uses only food-grade, NON-GMO, vegetarian excipients.


1.Silicon Dioxide (INS 551) and Microcrystalline cellulose (INS 460(i)):Our supplements are made using automated and semi automated machines, limiting human contact as much as possible. Due to this, the powdered herbal extracts need to be lubricated with these two excipients, so that it goes through the machine properly without any hiccups.

2.PVPK :These are what holds the tablets together. Without them, you will be receiving broken tablets that are not consumable (Now who would want that?). We use cellulose (PVPK), a fiber that is found in plants.

3.HPMC Tablet Coating (INS 464) and Cross Carmellose Sodium (INS 466):We use this so the tablets are easier for you to swallow. The intestines have a much higher absorption rate than the stomach. The INS 464 coating helps to delay disintegration in the stomach, and once it reaches the intestine, INS 466 comes into play, where it accelerates the disintegration of the tablets, releasing all the ingredients into the bloodstream. This ensures maximum bioavailability.

4.Poly Ethylene Glycol (INS 1521):A commonly used vegetarian excipient in the pharmaceutical industry, we have used this to enhance the solubility of the ingredients.

5.Propylene Glycol:This is one of the safest excipients that is used to prevent moisture in the tablet. If the tablets get moist, then fungi, mould and bacteria will breed which could make the product toxic to the human body.

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